Monday, September 21, 2009

MJ Lace Bra and Panties Sets

After making some bikinis, I decided to make a few bra and panties sets as well.

The first set has a see-through lace topping on the bra and panties. I like the red one. It also comes in other colours, like the usual white, beige, cyan, black, pink.
The second set has a set of full cups, and the front panel of the panties is see-through lace. Comes in assorted colours as well, the usual white, beige, cyan, pink, plus I tried experimenting to see how purple would look. Seems quite nice too!
The third set is a set of sheer see-through underwear, held together by strings (similar to the string bikini). It comes in a lot more different colours like orange, brown and even magenta. For those sexy moments.

If you bought any of these, and want it in a different colour, just let me know and I will make it for you for a nominal fee (depending on how many other colours you are looking at). Enjoy!

MJ String Bikini

It has been some time since I last made something, especially clothes. After the long break, here's the first, a set of string bikini. The bikini top is held together behind the neck and back by a simple butterfly knot. Available in a few colours. Personally, I like the red and black ones.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Calligraphy pieces

It has been some time since I last put up new items for sale. I have put up some Japanese calligraphy pieces for sale in my shops, to be specific, the shops at Realmscape Mall and Dead Alley. These pieces serve as excellent pieces to decorate your homes, simple yet elegant.

If you prefer a certain piece with a different coloured frame, do let me know, I will do a one-to-one exchange. Besides wooden frames, you can ask for coloured frames (black looks nice) as well.

See my profile in world for the landmark, or see my classified in world.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fantasy clothing

Besides making fantasy avatars, I have also gotten down to making some clothing items as well. Note that my items don't have scripts in them and don't support any combat systems, so they can't be used a armour in combat sims. However, they are great for those who want to fit into fantasy sims and need something appropriate to wear.

This is a tabard, with the sun moon symbol on the front and back. The symbol is flanked by a dragon on each side. The same symbol is also embossed on the buckle of the belt.

And this is a set of chainmail, which includes the chainmail shirt, chainmail pants and also a pair of chainmail boots.

Fantasy avatars

After a long break, I have once again started making skins, as well as some clothes. The theme, though, is now fantasy/medieval.

This is my try at a female elf avatar. She has pointed ears, which is hidden by the prim hair. The prim hair is not included, it is actually from ETD, so those interested can get it there, from their "Novice" line of prim hair. The set I am selling comes with the skin and shape, as well as the green shirt and brown pants, and a pair of brown boots. And the leather cuirass, and also the set of metal bracers engraved with dragons.

I have also made a female drow avatar, which comes with not just the skin and shape, but also the bikini set. Her belt is embossed with a spider symbol. Like the elf avatar, prim hair is not included. The one shown in the picture is from ETD too, from their free "Lily" line.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Shop at Sampireun Designs

This is my new shop space at Sampireun Designs, which is a place the sells Indonesian and Asian stuff. Here, you will find my weapons and martial arts supplies for sale, in line with the theme for the mall.

The SLURL to my new shop

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Location vs Advertisement

Now, one of the things that I have been wondering is the value of traffic. Owners of malls like to say that they have real traffic, that they are located besides a club with high traffic, etc. Some owners also place camping chairs in their malls in an attempt to generate traffic. But just how important is traffic?

After all, unlike the real world, in Second Life, we have teleportation. We have search. While I would go to a well-known mall to look for something in real life, do I really need to do so in SL? If I am going to buy something, I would just search for it. That means well-worded classifieds are definitely going to help you generate sales. They target the people who want to spend. After all, how many people walking around clubs are actually going to buy something while at the club? They are more interested in the club than the stores. I mean, when I go clubbing in the real world, do I spend time walking around the stores near the club?

Monday, August 13, 2007

RL vs SL: 2-0

The next month is going to be busy again... guess RL has scored yet another one. But don't worry, once I get over the busy times, there will be more new products coming up. I already have the ideas in my head, just no time to get down to doing them. And of course, once things have settled down a bit, I will get back to putting time into Taiji Circle.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Bra and panties set

The latest in my lingerie collection is this bra and panties set. Besides the standard colours of white, beige, yellow, pink and cyan, I have decided to try making it in black this time too, just to see how well the lace designs turn out. And guess what? It came out well, so I am selling this set in all 6 colours.

If the panties are distorted at the pubic area, just change your hip length to 100 and things will be fine.

More skins by Miki Jannings

Here are some more skins made by me. As you can see, I like to make skins with pale or light skin tones. As usual, all my skins come with an accompanying shape to bring out the best in their facial features.

The first one is "Yukie", a Japanese avatar with sparse eyebrows, a light skin tone, and slightly dark brown nipples. The pubic area is a bit sparse but highly realistic.

Next up is "Michelle". She is blonde with curvy eyebrows and a slightly darker tone of red for her lip stick. As with my other skins, she has realistic nipples and pubic area.

Last up is "Aki". Very pale skin tone, with brownish eyebrows, though a bit thick. A more pinkish set of nipples with realistic pubic area too. She has a small nose, much smaller than most of my other skins.


There is an optional SecondLife client just out today, implementing voice. As of now, it is an option, so I chose to disable it. Officially, I am now speechless. But I wonder how that is going to be implemented... those of us who choose to be speechless, do we now wear a tag on top of our heads saying "Speechless", or do we just become dumb/mute?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New store - XD Trading Mall

As of 28 Jul 07, all those renting spaces within XD Trading Mall have been returned their objects, and the mall owner stove Lu has been manually refunding rent. Apparently, this has to do with the LL policy on gambling in SL. So that's the end of my store here, a bit short-lived. But I have other stores elsewhere.
I got myself a new store today. It is at this place in Mooter, the SLURL is here. The rent here is cheap, with a 50 prim limit. For the price, this is good. And reasonable too, since the space isn't exactly small. I mean, the shop at Keswick charges more but has a lower prim limit. Do come and get what you need from my vendors here, be it female skins, clothes, lingerie, weapons, even my vendor kit. And the ever popular newbie glasses.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

New bras and panties (thongs and shorts, actually)

I don't know why, but I suddenly was in the mood today to work on underwear. I guess it must be a break from making skins, which I have gotten the hang of. But while I think I can still improve, I guess it must be boring to be doing the same thing for so long. So I decided to switch back to something that I have tried in the past but didn't really pursue.

So this is my first bra, or rather, the whole set of 5, in white, beige, cyan, yellow and pink. It is full cup, with lacy top, as well as lacy straps.
Next comes this 3/4 cup bra (again, a set of 5) which also has a lacy top, though not as thick a border, as well as lacy straps. And a small simple ribbon in the centre.
I had avoided making underwear because I was afraid of smudging. The crotch area is always very difficult to make, or so I hear/read from the online forums. But somehow, things turned out well with this thongs, no smudging or anything. I guess the crotch area is actually a very thin line in the template, just don't bother to add any details to the crotch area. Anyway, this set of 5 thongs has lacy edges as well.
The last piece is this set of 5 shorts for ladies. The edges are again laced. There is a slight glitch with this piece, though. Your hip length must be quite long, else there will be some distortions near the crotch area. If you see any distortion, just adjust your hip length (in Appearances -> Torso -> Hip Length) and things should be fine.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

More new skins

With some time on my hands, I got down to working on what has been my interest these days, making skins for myself. And of course, after making them, I get to sell them too.

First of all is "Shalise", with blonde hair both on the eyebrows, and also a very realistic blonde pubic area. And realistic nipples too. Both the nipples and the pubic areas were taking from photos of real nipples and pubic hair. So are the eyebrows. The lips are also taken from a photo of a real life model too. For my latest creations, I have made the body more defined, with more shadows and highlights.

Next up is "Ashlee", with a light skin tone. This skin comes with both pubic hair, as well as a shaved pubic region (again, very realistic since it was from a photo...)

Then we have "Akiko", a skin made for Japanese avatars. Unlike previous, similar skins, I have made the skin tone more tanned, not as pale as before. This skin also comes with both shaved and unshaved pubic regions, as well as an accompanying shape with a size more suitable for Japanese.

Last we have "Joanne", with her brown hair (eyebrows and pubic region). Her pubic region is more sparse, but still as realistic and highly defined.

Friday, July 6, 2007

More skins!

I spent some time and came up with some more new skins. Seems like the current craze for me is making skins.

I have started to get the hang of it too. Using photos of real-life models, I draw facial features onto the templates, fitting them into the correct positions. After uploading the textures, I create the skins. And I came to realise that good looks do not just depend on the skins, the shape is important too. So using the same models, I create a shape that best shows the facial features that I have drawn.

First up is "Mariko", a Japanese look with very pale skin. Don't use light-coloured hair with this skin, since the skin tone is too light.

Next is "Angelina", with brown hair. She has thicker lips, and a small nose.

Then we have "Brooke", who is blonde. Her face is more squarish, and her lips are wider too.

"Katie" here has dark brown hair and a darker skin tone.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Products - Skins!

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying to create my own skins. And finally, I have managed to do so, and I have not only created one set of skin, but four of them! All of them come with their own shapes too. The basic body shape is the same, but the head has been modified to bring out the best in each of the skins. The skins are shown below, with the more private areas pixeled out.

"Cristine", as seen below, is by far the best. She was made based on a blonde model, with light eyebrows. As you can see, my skins come with light makeup (not a lot of lipstick, etc.) She has a soft. demure look, as you can see.

"Keiko" below is based on a Japanese model. If I had done a better job with her pubic area (it is actually slightly smudged, but otherwise okay, and not noticeable at all if you are wearing clothes) I would have asked more for her.

"Kelly" was made based on a lady with brown hair. She has a more confident look, compared to the others.
"Eve" was the first skin that I made. It was an experiment to see how to make skins in Second Life, and well, that explains why it is not as fine as it could be. The eyebrows are slightly thicker than what I would like, the face a bit too rough. But as a basic starter skin, this is something that will do, considering the low price. And the skin is actually cut-and-paste from a photo of a real person.

Friday, June 22, 2007

New steps... Skins!

After a small little venture into sculpted prims, my next venture is into making skins. I have already made my first skin, and I will continue to make a few more before I present them to everyone through this blog. It was lot more challenging than I thought, especially since I don't know how to use GIMP well enough. If only GIMP has some automapping function that allows me to set specific anchor points on a photo, then shift those anchor points around to distort the photo to fit onto the UV map...

Friday, June 15, 2007

First Sculptie

I made my first sculpted prim. And have a problem.

As you can see here, this is actually a katana, made from a 16x15 sphere. I made it using Blender, exported to the OBJ file, opened the OBJ file with Wings3D, and exported it from there to a sculpted texture for use in SecondLife. I also used UVMapper to create a UV map of the prim, and used it as a template to draw a test texture for the sculpted prim. As you can see, the texture did turn out quite well.

The problem is the sculpted prim itself. The original object in Blender looks like a katana. The OBJ imported into Wings3D looks like a katana. But once it has been exported as a sculpted texture, and uploaded into SecondLife, it just doesn't retain the original shape. I wonder if anyone knows why. The tip of the sword is distorted. And so is the hilt guard. While the hilt guard should be a flat disc (and looks so in Blender and Wings3D), it is distorted when uploaded. The blade should be slightly curved with a sharp tip, but it ended up being distorted too. I guess it has to do with exporting to a sculpted texture. I tried the tutorials on baking textures in Blender, but they came up with flattened shapes as well as weird protrusions.

Anyone knows what to do?

Monday, June 11, 2007


The recent craze in SecondLife seems to be sculpted prims. After all, what used to require lots of prims and even more prim torturing can now be accomplished with ONE single prim. But then, unless you have experience working with 3D software, it may be easier to stick with simple prims, rather than try to make the same thing out of a sculpted prim.

Just what are sculpted prims? Basically, instead of the standard cubes and spheres, sculpted prims loads in a texture map that you create. If you make a texture map of your avatar (using the OBJ files that SecondLife provides for free on their download page), you can even make a sculpted prim of yourself (or at least, the basic avatar in SecondLife). With a bit of imagination, you can even make a 3D mannequin out of sculpted prims! But that is a challenge best left for the experienced 3D artist.

With no prior knowledge of 3D programs, I am still finding my way around with regards to sculpted prims. My first creation should be a simple katana, which is currently what I am trying to do. I am using Blender, though it is VERY hard to use. But once you get used to it, things get slightly better. Wings3D seems like a simple enough program to use too, but while it looks like a simple program, the interface is not easy to get used to. And if you are thinking about creating textures to use on your sculpted prims, you will probably need UVMapper to create a texture template of your sculpted prim, so that you can use it to paint a texture using your favourite paint program (GIMP, Photoshop, Paint, etc.)

Watch out for my first sculpted prim!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

RL vs SL: 1-0

Wow, Real Life really does wonders. I have been busy of late, and have not had time to do any designing, so for those of you out there looking for additions to my creations, sorry! It will be a bit more time before I can find time to come up with something. However, I did do up a simple T-shirt design, for use as freebies/free gifts to hand out. Once I have some time, I will put it up in my stores in-world, you can go there and get a copy for yourself. Meanwhile, do look through my previous creations and who knows, you may just find something that you might have missed out in the past.